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10 Tips to Make Your Backpack Lighter

10 Tips to Make Your Backpack Lighter
10 Tips to Make Your Backpack Lighter

A heavy backpack won’t make your hiking trip any more comfortable. We’ll give you some tips to help lighten your load and make your next trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. You will learn more about 10 Tips to Make Your Backpack Lighter by LCNOutdoors article.

  1. Instead of packing 8 cans of beer, you only need 6 cans. Total weight reduction of about 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg).
  2. Take 3 pairs of spare shoes out of your backpack and put them in the car before you leave.
  3. Use a headlamp instead of the old kerosene lamp. It weighs a few grams. For example, the popular LCN headlamp.
  4. if you remember you have a child, then run back to town and find someone to take care of him for the weekend. Kids are heavy and uncomfortable to carry after a few miles. They also need a lot of extra food and equipment, not to mention bulky diapers.
  5. At the beginning of the hike, put all the heavy stuff away and have your friend carry it for you. Indicate that you are trying to reduce the weight of your pack.
  6. Carry no more than three stuffed animals with you.
  7. Portable game consoles are heavy. Download a few games to your iPhone (like Angry Birds, Star Wars II, 80 Days, and NBA Jam) and you should have enough time to play for a few days.
  8. Instead of a whole bag of individual bottles of shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel, and hairspray, try a stylish lightweight hat or Panama hat to hide your messy hair while you’re hiking.
  9. Buy all your hiking clothes for the new season. If your clothes are from last year, or even worse, the year before, they may be much heavier than the new line of models. Come to the equipment store and ask them to show you all the new things for your tour. You will enjoy the reduced weight and novelty of the clothing. If someone says something bad to you, just say it, the old equipment is too heavy and will put pressure on your back. By the way, the jacket in the picture below weighs only 65 grams…
  10. If your heart is heavy – don’t be silent …… Speak up at the beginning of your journey. At least let it be the gas station attendant or the bartender at the coffee shop. Unload the baggage, say it, and your baggage will be lightened, even if it is metaphysical.
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