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LCN OutdoorsTravelTravel TipsAbout Las Vegas Accommodations: Hotels, Motels, Camping, and Airbnb

About Las Vegas Accommodations: Hotels, Motels, Camping, and Airbnb

About Las Vegas Accommodations Hotels, Motels, Camping, and Airbnb
About Las Vegas Accommodations Hotels, Motels, Camping, and Airbnb

We changed accommodations in Las Vegas like a glove, so we changed four places in two visits and less than two weeks. They are a great option for budget-conscious travelers. Those who come to Las Vegas to splurge, for a long-awaited vacation, or simply for luxury accommodations will not use our options and have no problem choosing an expensive hotel, you just have to pay for it.

It is said that Las Vegas has some of the lowest rates, even in cool hotels you can rent a room in reallocation for about $100. How so, you ask? It’s all about luring you to the hotel and then to the casinos, which are located in almost every major “tourist sanctuary”. That’s where you have to leave a lot of money that will pay and stop you from paying for your stay. In this city, nothing is done that way.

I will go back to our “LCNOutdoors website” and describe all four options in order. We have capped our rates at $60 per day, so all options are cheaper.

Camping in Lee Canyon – Hobo Options

Camping in Lee Canyon - Hobo Options
Camping in Lee Canyon – Hobo Options

What does camping have to do with Las Vegas anyway? Well, it’s not that far away, so if you want to hike around Las Vegas but don’t want to pay for lodging and have a tent and sleeping bag, you can stay at Lee Canyon (not far from the Red Rock Canyon Wildlife Refuge). We ended up choosing this campground because we hadn’t quite realized that we would be spending the night in Death Valley, where we would only be able to spend one night instead of the two nights we had planned. From Friday to Saturday, we were not in the mood to look for accommodations in Las Vegas, so we decided to spend the night at a campground.

It wasn’t that easy to find a place, but we did as we happened to turn off the road and saw some locals who decided to spend a weekend in nature. We came across a quasi-official campground with no name.

There are several campgrounds in the park, but most of them have turned into summer closures because there is a ski resort in these parts. They must be getting ready for winter.

Location: Lee Canyon, Champion Road.
Facilities: No amenities, just woods.
Price: Free.
Pros and Cons: On the plus side, it’s free and beautiful, but on the minus side, it lacks water and restrooms and is hard to find (no signage).

Airbnb Room – Budget Option

Book a Room with Airbnb
Book a Room with Airbnb

What is Airbnb and how does this private accommodation search site work, I have already detailed it in the guide article. We had a long and successful experience with the site, so this time we decided to spend the night in Nicole and Nate’s cozy home. Why didn’t we go to a hotel? Because my friend messed up the reservation and ran out of rooms for Saturday at the hotel we liked at the time he chose. However, weekends are the busiest time in Las Vegas and good options are as hot as cake, so you need to book at least a few days in advance.

Airbnb has plenty of options for every taste and color, from cheap rooms in someone else’s apartment or house (as in our case) to established apartments and houses that will be at your personal disposal. The only problem is the budget allocated to housing. See for yourself.

On the Airbnb website, you will see all the accommodation options available on Airbnb in the United States. There, you can enter the name of the city you are interested in in the upper left corner and get a selection of accommodation in that city, in addition to the opportunity to “lookup” other parameters to choose the best option for your personal needs (image enlarged).

Accommodation in Las Vegas

We were given a nice and comfortable room in Las Vegas with a private bathroom and everything we needed. The hosts were a young couple with a small child – courteous, unobtrusive guys that we barely saw.

Location: West Azul Avenue is on the northern edge of Las Vegas. A quiet and uninspiring neighborhood with no stores or cafes.

Amenities: Our room had everything we needed – a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and even a pool. As a bonus, we got two well-tempered dogs.

Price: $30-$50 + site fee (about $5 per day). As you can see, this is a fairly economical option by national standards, but not the cheapest for Las Vegas, except that we were worried about finding accommodations in the City of Lights at the last minute.

Pros and Cons: The only con I can name is the presence of the owners, although we had very little contact with them as we were busy with our own affairs. Still, we prefer to live independently with our lovers. For some people, this may not be minus at all. On the plus side, there is a lovely comfortable room with a comfy bed (behind a tent in our opinion) and a large separate bathroom. There is access to the kitchen and pool.

If you stay there, go to On the Border Mexican Restaurant (Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas), the food is good, the portions are huge and you can bring half for breakfast).

Stay in a Hotel – Mid-range Option

The next place to stay was the Howard Johnson Las Vegas Strip – probably the most comfortable option of our entire trip to the U.S. Howard Johnson is a chain of hotels scattered throughout the U.S. It is in the mid-range price range but in the mid-range price range. It’s in the mid-range price range, but you can book a room on any promotion and it’s not expensive at all.

We had everything we needed and more – TV (which we never used), microwave, refrigerator, two tables, dresser, coffee maker, hairdryer, iron, bathroom supplies, and of course a comfortable queen-size bed. A nice addition was a balcony with a table and chairs. There is a swimming pool in the courtyard, a restaurant on the first floor, and a chapel in which you can have your wedding if you wish. There are laundry facilities.

Price: We managed to find a room for $50 per night, including taxes, and we ended up paying a lot less than expected.

Pros and Cons: Location on the main street, very comfortable rooms, clean every day, good internet access. Cons: We could not find any cons.

STAR MOTEL – Budget Option

On our second visit to Las Vegas, we decided not to book anything but to look for accommodation locally as we had seen many budget hotels and agreed that finding a suitable option would not be difficult. Initially, we noticed a couple of options in our navigator near Fremont Street and along the Strip (Howard Johnson area). The first location simply wasn’t for us: first, almost all the motels in that direction were either ugly or boarded up, and second, we simply didn’t like that area. Off the main street, Las Vegas looked creepy.

We went that way, but there was a surprise: we were once again in Las Vegas on a Friday, which meant that starting tomorrow, the weekend started and the prices for accommodations became “weekend” prices. Automatically, everything starts costing more money. The options that fit our price were either full, no internet, or again, scary.

We forced our way to the Star Motel, which met all the parameters and was not far from the Howard Johnson. We stayed there for a week because we had a lot of work to do.

Amenities: everything you need to live and work – a queen bed, refrigerator, microwave (chances are they will bring it to you if you ask for it, our room turned out not to have one), closet, large desk, shower, bathroom accessories.

USD 60 per day
150 USD per week
550 USD per 4 weeks

Newly renovated, furnished rooms available

  1. complimentary water
  2. Free electricity
  3. Free Wi-Fi
  4. Free basic cable and flat-screen TV (some
  5. free parking
  6. coin-operated laundry machines
  7. cozy kitchenette (some rooms)

You also have to pay a $50 refundable deposit for keys and whatever else.

Pros and Cons: The cons are that the walls are very thin, so you can hear the neighbors sighing. In our case, they were two disturbed black citizens who were constantly arguing and shouting at each other and then equally loud “Yes, yes!”. Overall, it was mainly black guests who were not very sympathetic in appearance. On the plus side, the location and prices were not bad.

Five Star Hotels – The Coolest Choice

Five Star Hotels - The Coolest Choice
Five Star Hotels – The Coolest Choice

As I wrote above, all of the options we tried were mostly for budget travelers. But Las Vegas is a party town, ready to welcome visitors who are in the mood to spend and have fun and spend it big, which means it offers them the appropriate level of sophistication in every aspect. This includes hotels, and believe me, a nice luxurious hotel is much easier to find in Las Vegas. The list is simply huge and the exterior decor of these giants is simply overwhelming.

The best 5-star hotels in Las Vegas.

  1. New York-New York Hotel – See the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Chrysler Building, and ride the roller coaster.
    Caesars Palace – If you want to be in the Roman Empire, this is the place to be, with its fountains, arches, statues, and porticoes.
  2. The Venetian Las Vegas – This hotel manages to replicate a slice of Venice – there will be gondolas waiting for you, ready to offer a stroll along the “Grand” Canal.
  3. Bellagio – A hotel with a famous singing and dancing fountain next to it.
  4. Flamingo – Considered one of the best hotels and casinos in all of Las Vegas. It has a full pool complex and a zoo that is home to flamingos.
  5. MGM Grand Las Vegas – This hotel and casino can be recognized by the image of a giant golden lion. The most famous singers, musicians, and performers perform here.
  6. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas – She spent an unforgettable few days there. From her description, I really liked Mandarins!
  7. The STRAT Hotel – The STRAT Hotel is a hotel that can be seen from anywhere; its observation tower is one of the iconic views of Las Vegas. Here, you can enjoy soaking in a whirlwind of attractions.
    Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Other hotels can be found in this table.

Each of these expensive hotels has a look that is truly a work of art. Almost everyone has a built-in casino that anyone can visit, whether they plan to gamble or not, or what they look like (in a suit and tie, or in worn jeans and a long sweater).

You can read more about the casinos in a separate article.

Cool Hotels for $1

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you can stay cheap at many hotels in Las Vegas. Many of them run frequent promotions where you can get up to 99% off your room rate. However, there are some subtleties.

Sales are usually valid for 1 or 2 days, and mostly on weekdays. The sites that book often give a price without some sort of “resort fee” payment settlement, etc., and it can often run into the tens of dollars.

We spent $5 at the hotel, but the action only lasted 2 days (we needed a week) and with taxes, the cost went up to $50. You have to be very careful when booking and read the fine print about additional fees.

Many hotels charge for Internet access. Rightly so, there was nothing to sit in the room, we had to go to the casino to spend or, if you were lucky, win!”.

As you can see, folks, the lodging options in Las Vegas are wide and varied, and no one is left out in the cold. All in all, Las Vegas is a great choice for reasonably priced luxury accommodations that don’t exist in any other city in the United States. You can compare prices and find a great deal right now!

Have a great time in Las Vegas, dear readers!

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