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Nonstop Entertainment in Las Vegas

Nonstop Entertainment in Las Vegas
Nonstop Entertainment in Las Vegas

Gambling has been legal in Las Vegas since the 1930s. Since then, the city has become a hub for casinos and other forms of entertainment.

Nevada has always been known for its free spirit, especially in Las Vegas. For example, only here is smoking and drinking allowed on the streets and in many public places, with half-naked girls roaming the streets. Only here can you go to a nightclub single at night and wake up in the morning with your wife by your side. Only here can even the least gambler resist not checking out the casinos.

One thing’s for sure – Las Vegas loves fun and money! If you come here, be prepared to shell out or it will be boring. Entertainment, where you can spend your savings, doesn’t count. Let’s see what awaits you in Las Vegas?

Casinos and Slot Machines – LAS VEGAS

Casinos and Slot Machines - LAS VEGAS
Casinos and Slot Machines – LAS VEGAS

For many people, Las Vegas and casinos are synonymous. How many movies depict those velvet tables, flashing machines, scattered chips, chirping reels, and gambling eyes? I’d guess dozens, if not more. There are now about a hundred casinos in Las Vegas and thousands more gaming halls. They are happy to accommodate those who want to try their luck. The minimum bets are very small, so anyone can play. The main thing is to leave in time.

Don’t know how to play? They’ll be happy to tell you and show you. Ready to spend big bucks? A separate room with higher stakes is for you. Want to play while admiring the beautiful ladies? There’s that too! For those who aren’t ready to play big, or just don’t want to learn the complicated rules of the game, there are plenty of slots with bets starting at 1 cent, and the rules are mostly simple. (In any case, anyone can pull a lever or press a button.

All the major casinos are located along Fremont Street in Daytona and on the Las Vegas Strip, or more precisely, on a part of the Strip called The Strip. Incidentally, Fremont Street is said to have a lower minimum bet because the Strip is not as popular as the shiny Las Vegas Strip.

Anyone can drop into the casino, the doors are open to all, and there are no face controls. That’s right, as we found out a long time ago, the money is tasteless. This means you can see homeless-looking people in the halls as well as pals in expensive suits.

Gamblers don’t gamble much, but my friend and I couldn’t leave Las Vegas without gambling. One night we went to the Luxor Casino and after some simple manipulation of one of the slot machines, we won as much as tens of dollars. Naturally, we didn’t know any clever strategies and pressed buttons at random, only realizing that we shouldn’t skimp too much on our bets.

After each game of the machine (or in the process, if you want to stop and collect your winnings), a voucher is issued, which can then be used as a “credit card” or something for other games. That is, it is equally valid for all machines. Its “shelf life” is 6 months. You can redeem the voucher at a special cash machine in the lobby. Everything is easy, simple, and straightforward.

In theory, various security guards are not too keen on taking pictures or videos of the casino tables and machines and may ask you to leave, but no one ever cautioned us about this.

Shows, Concerts and Performances – LAS VEGAS

Shows, Concerts and Performances - LAS VEGAS
Shows, Concerts and Performances – LAS VEGAS

Just as popular as the casinos are the various shows in Las Vegas. It is not for nothing that it is known as the entertainment capital of the world. There is a lot to see and do here.

  1. Comedy shows
  2. Illusionists and other magicians
  3. Circus shows
  4. Adult shows
  5. Hypnotist
  6. Celebrity concerts
  7. Musicals
  8. Dance performance
  9. Sports events

The most popular choices are, for example, the famous Cirque Du Soleil with nearly a dozen different shows, the Blue Man Group, David Copperfield, and the musical Mamma Mia! (Mamma Mia!

Prices range from an average of $30 to $100, but the most interesting and popular items can cost $100 to $200.

Where can I find information about the show? First, you can pick up a brochure listing all the highlights, or rather everything, at the reception desk of any of the hotels. There you will also find many flyers, discount coupons, and other useful things.

Nightclubs and Bars – LAS VEGAS

For those who can’t sit still, which is most people in Las Vegas, there are plenty of nightclubs and bars. There are both establishments that are attached to large casino hotels and those that exist independently. Las Vegas clubs are considered unique because here you can meet celebrities face to face.

Some of the most famous clubs.

  1. The Chateau Nightclub at the Casino Hotel in Paris
  2. Marquee Nightclub in Cosmopolitan
  3. Moon Nightclub at the Palms
  4. Voodoo Lounge at the Rio Hotel

And many more bars! You can find them in any casino or in the outdoors.

Amusement Facilities and Attractions – LAS VEGAS

For those who like to tingle their nerves or see curious things, there is also plenty to see and do.

A. Stratosphere Towers thrill rides

For example, the Stratosphere Hotel offers four rides: SkyJump, Big Shot, X Scream, and Insanity at the top of the tower. All of them will give you excitement and panoramic views of the city. Details and prices can be found here.

B. New York – New York Hotel’s Roller Coaster (Big Apple Coaster).

One of the most thrilling and most popular attractions for tourists. It’s useless to describe it, you have to try it. Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday – 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday – 10:30 a.m. to midnight. The price of a single ticket is $ 14, day pass – is $ 25.

C. Aquarium, Zoos

You can admire the aquarium of the mirage. It is located behind the reception and can be viewed completely free of charge. In addition, underwater lovers can visit the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. One of the highlights here is a sensory pool where visitors can pet the fish. Tickets cost $20 for adults or around $39 for two.

Wild flamingos can be viewed at the Flamingo Casino Hotel. In addition to these beauties, there are other birds that create a heavenly environment for them.

D. Interesting streets

Walking along the avenue in the evening, you can see the wonderful show of the Fountains Of Bellagio in front of the hotel of the same name. This site is truly fascinating, even if you have seen it more than once in your life. Just behind this hotel is another one – the Bellagio Hotel, best known for its dancing fountains.

The Venetian Hotel has the option of recreating Venice with a gondola ride on a makeshift canal.

On Fremont Street, you can be a spectator of the Fremont Street Experience, a light show featuring screens that form a dome in the pedestrian area of the street.

E. Curious Shopping Plaza

Not far from the MGM Grand Hotel is the M&M’s World store, which not only kids will love, but adults will too. Here, you can just stare at your favorite colorful candies and buy souvenirs and gifts.

You will find another chocolate store – Hershey’s Chocolate World in New York – New York’s Hotel Casino. Here you can sample some of Hershey’s most delicious chocolates and stock up on delicious or simply branded souvenirs.

This is not a complete list of Las Vegas attractions, I would even say it’s just the beginning.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Shopping in Las Vegas - LAS VEGAS
Shopping in Las Vegas – LAS VEGAS

For many people, shopping is also fun, and Las Vegas is the ideal place to shop to your heart’s content. In this city, you will find both small stores and large shopping malls, antique stores, and stores showcasing the latest models.

The largest shopping centers in Las Vegas.

  1. Las Vegas Premium Outlets – North (North Las Vegas Designer Outlets)
  2. South Las Vegas Premium Outlets
  3. Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace Hotel
  4. Showcase Mall next to MGM Grand
  5. The Fashion Show in front of Wynn Hotel

I have noticed that the most popular among tourists are the stores that offer considerable discounts and various promotions.

Las Vegas Weddings

What else is Las Vegas known for for its lightning-fast weddings? Here you can actually meet in the evening and get married in the morning, or even better – wake up and you’ve found yourself with a ring on your finger. We’ve all seen these simple plots in the movies. So, not only do they show it on TV, it’s real in Vegas. There are hundreds of churches in which ministers can perform weddings scattered throughout the city.

Many tourists go to Las Vegas to celebrate their weddings to make this event brighter, and some are here for the second time to marry their husbands, or to take vows to their already legal wives. Why not add this romance to the relationship, especially since all the tools are available.

However, there is a flip side to the coin. There are no fewer, if not more, divorce lawyers in Las Vegas than there are priests who have lovers in marriage. Note that every banner is a lawyer of some kind who will “do everything quickly and painlessly”.

For the city, weddings and honeymoons are an important part of the tourist business and another source of revenue, along with casinos.

Museums and Exhibitions – LAS VEGAS

Culture lovers will also find something to do in Las Vegas, at least to go to museums and exhibits. I admit that my friend and I have not been to any museums in Las Vegas, but in preparing for this trip, I found some of the most popular museums for tourists.

  1. The Mob Museum– tells the story of Las Vegas’ gangster past. Gangsters, the Mafia, organized crime, and the law enforcement agencies that fought them, including the FBI. Interesting? Then welcome to the Mob. adult tickets are $20, and children $14.
  2. National Atomic Testing Museum– The National Nuclear Testing Museum, says it all. Tickets – $22, children’s discount.
  3. Neon Museum – Here you can see a series of neon signs.
  4. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas is famous for its Madame Tussauds wax museum. Tickets are $30 for adults and $20 for children.
  5. Bellagio Fine Arts Gallery– Bellagio Fine Arts Gallery. The collection includes works by renowned artists from around the world, as well as rare Faberge pieces. The cost to visit is $17.
  6. Collection of vintage cars, located at the LINQ Hotel and Casino.
  7. Las Vegas Natural History Museum– The Natural History Museum offers views of dinosaurs, sharks, whales, wildlife, and more. This will be fun for kids and those who have never been to the New York Natural History Museum.
  8. The Titanic Artifacts Exhibit is an exhibit dedicated to the Titanic. Located at the Hotel-Casino Luxor. The tickets cost $35.
  9. Body Exhibit– This insert allows you to see the human body from the inside. I think it is a very interesting event. The price is $ 35.

Short Trips and Tours

Would you like me to show you Las Vegas and the surrounding area? You can contact one of the many tour companies that will be happy to take you on short trips and tours. The options are huge and include transportation: bus tours, car, water, or helicopter.

Some of the most popular tours in the area include.
Grand Canyon.
Hoover Dam.
Lake Mead.
The Valley of Fire.
The Valley of Death.
Red Rock Canyon and other places.

A. Valley of Fire

A very beautiful and picturesque park, which should not deprive the attention of domestic tourists who want to quickly leave Vegas for the Grand Canyon.

B. Grand Canyon

Almost everyone has heard of the Grand Canyon. This park is more famous than all the others, perhaps because it is the closest to Las Vegas and every tourist has a duty to go there. A beautiful park, impressive for its size, textures, and color combinations.

C. Hoover Dam

Built-in the middle of the last century, this dam is the main aquifer of Las Vegas. If it weren’t for her, the city would have perished due to drought. Incidentally, even now, water use in non-tourist areas is limited by the lack of water.

D. Valley of Death

One of the most mysterious parks in the United States. It will please with unusual landscapes, surprise with its deadly atmosphere and leave many impressions in unusual forms.

Well, that’s probably all the main attractions of Las Vegas. I didn’t mention all the delicious entertainment in my article, which I’m sure will be of interest to many visitors to Sin City, but I think they’ll work it out perfectly on their own.

Finally, an interesting fact is that about 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year. Can you imagine?

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