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Sex While Camping: From Choosing a Tent to The Best Location

Sex While Camping From Choosing a Tent to The Best Location
Sex While Camping From Choosing a Tent to The Best Location

Modern visitors may find it difficult to imagine some of the subtleties of camping for intimacy in the last century. For example, how can you indulge in the call of Eros in a tarp tent that is not structurally stable – it has central support, no floor, no ventilation, and mosquito nets at the entrance. How could we possibly have the strength to have sex after a long trip with uncomfortable, anatomically unsuitable, heavy camping equipment full of modern standards? You will learn more about Sex While Camping by LCNOutdoors article.

I’m not familiar with the travel lifestyle of the past few decades, but I imagine that even in the most rudimentary conditions, it is possible to have real romance, not just fast-food intimacy.

Today’s technology has made life, including intimate life, much easier for campers. Lightweight sleeping bags, comfortable tents, technologically advanced thermal underwear, and modern hygiene products have made sex while camping easy.

Camping Trips Involving Sex Are For What

Camping sex is not just for physical reasons. Sexual intimacy is also a great way to get warm quickly. It is also believed that sex helps you cope with mountain sickness. Not at extreme altitudes, of course, because the higher the mountain, the lower the sex drive.

There are also aesthetic and fertile visitors for whom the moment of conception of new life is not in a rocky jungle, but on the top of a mountain, in a crater, in a place of power, or in certain natural conditions (for example, under the Northern Lights).

Points Of Organization

It’s great if you are not overworked and physically exhausted after hiking and climbing, not overcome by mountain sickness, not hampered by cold, wet, and harsh weather, and not plagued by insects and other distractions. In that case, why not have a night (or morning) of love?

There is no need to take camping sex too seriously and prepare for it like you would for a dissertation or military operation. However, there are a few things to consider to avoid unexpected and embarrassing situations that could ruin a moment of passion.

Personal hygiene

Camping hygiene seems to be a must for everyone, but not everyone takes it seriously. If there is a clear intent to perform a sexual sacrament while camping, then hygiene should be handled responsibly. While there is something sexy about the intercourse of two unwashed, salty, sweaty bodies, not everyone will appreciate it. So, keep some scented soap and a fluffy (or microfiber) towel in your backpack. A mountain lake or river is perfect for refreshing yourself. A lightweight microfiber towel will come in handy

Ideally, locate your camping passion palace near a river or lake (or near a waterfall) so you can wash up properly. But if you don’t have a body of water nearby, wet paper towels and a heated water bottle will help. If you don’t want to give off the smell of sweaty underarms, don’t forget to bring antiperspirant.

The sour smell of socks is not sexy either, so those who tend to sweat too much on their feet and develop an odor in their boots are advised to use a special deodorant cream or foot powder.

Don’t worry if they don’t reach Alpine freshness. The smell of sweat doesn’t get in the way of love.


Contraception should be approached with the utmost caution. Item 2 is an essential element of camping sex. And it’s not just about safety. Wearing a size large can help you avoid wet stains on your sleeping bag and clothing.

For example, the medical committee of the International Union of Mountain Associations (UIAA) strongly recommends that absolutely all visitors carry item #2 with them. Also, the UIAA recalls that the optimal storage temperature for latex is at least 32 °F (0 °C). Therefore, you will need to carry item #2 in the inside pocket of your jacket or backpack. Ideally, close to your body so that you are constantly in full battle-ready condition.

Gels and lubricants should ideally be odorless and tasteless, otherwise, they will attract insects such as wasps and ants. On the other hand, mint or clove-scented lubricants will have a repellent effect on mosquitoes.

Don’t forget to stock up on a garbage bag for your hygiene and protection products.

How to turn your tent into a palace of passion

At home, we have a couch, a bed, a soft rug, a kitchen table, a wide windowsill, and all the other surfaces that facilitate sex. But when you’re camping, sometimes it’s not so easy to not only set up a comfortable love nest but to find a more or less flat place for the tent. And the tent itself is sometimes not the most comfortable place to have intercourse. So to ensure that camping sex is a positive experience rather than a test of physical strength and other physical attributes, make sure your polyester-nylon house has everything you need.

Size does matter

So does the design and height of your tent. In a single bed or an ultralight version like a low hemisphere, you’ll have a hard time letting your sensual and sexual fantasies run wild, while in a taller hemisphere 40-60 inches (1-1.5 meters) high.
If your camping trip with a sexual element takes place in the cold season, still choose a compact tent with a small living space. In winter, a bright and spacious tent may keep you warm – “panting” – together, but the foreplay of sex will be cold and uncomfortable.

Defense against the wind

To prevent the wind from blowing your intimate space to the ground, it’s a good idea to get a good windproof tent with sturdy poles and a sturdy frame. In any case, it is a good idea to secure your tent with stakes and storm deflectors.
Pay attention to the edges of your tent’s awning. If it is high off the ground, this will provide ventilation for the stay, but will also allow the wind to roam freely inside the tent, cooling the living space and your enthusiasm.
Some four-season tents have a “skirt” sewn to the lower edge of the tent. This protects against wind, snow, and dust, but also cuts off the air supply. In the warm season, sex in such a tent can be stuffy and humid, especially if there are no ventilation windows.


Ventilation windows in a tent are ideal. Without them, it gets hot, stuffy, humid, and sticky. And the smell of your sex will turn into condensation on the tent walls. Ideally, have a tent with a mosquito net element. The entrance should be carefully sealed to avoid uninvited little guests – bloodsuckers or creepy crawlies.


A vestibule (or preferably two) in the tent will free up internal space and ensure freedom of movement and activity. To avoid accidentally sitting on camping equipment at the wrong moment, it is highly recommended to keep all these things in the vestibule.
Pockets in the tent can help you organize the process so you have all the essentials ready for the most critical moments – tissues, #2 product, lube or gel, flashlight, sex toys (emphasis on that).

Set up a tent

You should set up your tent on as flat a floor as possible, without any slopes, roots, or rocks. Otherwise, you will slip and slam your body into the unevenness of the floor in the heat of passion. Before pitching your tent, you must remove all unnecessary objects such as rocks, cones, branches, as well as make sure there are no wasp and hornet nests, anthills, excrement, cacti, nettle bushes, and shrubs near your campsite. You should not pitch your tent close to a fire. In general, it is best to keep your fire burning and put it out before intimate activities, especially in windy weather.

Set up your accommodation in a quiet corner, preferably not in the most passable hiking area. Ideally, there should be a great view of the sunset, mountains, ocean, stars, etc. On rainy days, love huts should be set up so that no water flows or pools underneath.

If you are not camping alone but surrounded by other campers’ tents, try to set your camp as far away from everyone as possible so that the sounds of various passions do not embarrass people and disturb their sleep. Do I need to clarify that you shouldn’t have bedtime activities in a tent where other campers not directly involved in your sexual activities are sleeping?


The soft, dim light in the tent at night can be provided by night lights hanging from the ceiling. In this position, your shadows will be blurred. But of course, the eyes of an experienced outsider will immediately recognize the occupation taking place under the tent. If you’re not alone in the parking lot and the shadow of erotic drama is not in your plans to show your neighbors, it’s best to dim the lights.

Choosing a sleeping bag

Ideally, if it is possible to make a pair of two sleeping bags: use the same type of sleeping bag, one with the zipper on the right and the other on the left. For couples in love, you can also buy a double sleeping bag at once. After a romantic evening, be sure to dry your sleeping bag, especially the duvet.

Recall that the “blanket” design is common in camping sleeping bags; when unzipped, it can be used as a blanket. It is very convenient for sex. Cocoon or mummy-type sleeping bag is less convenient for sex but also allows you to enjoy intimacy, especially if you choose a wider model.

Romantic dinner: what you can and can not eat before sex

The lingering food frenzy that comes with a hearty dinner is best left for later. You should eat something more or less light before sex so you don’t feel heavy in the stomach and want to drift off to sleep. You can have a nice dinner, but in that case, you should wait two to three hours before having sex.

There are sexually stimulating foods such as bitter chocolate, dried fruits, berries, nuts, honey, some spices and herbs – chili, curry, basil, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cumin – and even onions and garlic.

But in addition to aphrodisiacs, there are a number of foods that can weaken the sex drive. These include pulses. Lentils, chickpeas, beans, peas – while these are good for proper gastrointestinal function, they contain oligosaccharides (hard-to-digest carbohydrates) that can cause gas to build up in the intestines. So, to avoid creating a gas chamber in your tent, keep legumes out of your romantic diet.

It’s also best to avoid foods with high sugar content. The same goes for alcohol. Alcohol can help you become more confident and relaxed for a while, but it can also slow down your central nervous system and make you drowsy.

Close company

The best music for making love while camping is the sounds of nature: the surf, birdsong, the rustle of rain, the rustle of leaves. However, the sounds made by wild animals are unlikely to add romance to your lovemaking. If you are not alone in the campground, you can play soft, gentle music. It will help you relax, as well as hide moans and other sounds you don’t want to share with others.

Sexual Positions In The Tent

Sexual Positions In The Tent
Sexual Positions In The Tent

Although the author is a pioneer in expeditionary intimacy, he’s unlikely to tell readers anything fundamentally new about positions and methods of sexual activity in a tent, but a little theory can’t hurt.

Don’t try to perform complicated sexual acrobatics, especially after a nice dinner or a hard day’s hike. It’s best to limit yourself to simple, classic positions that are most comfortable for intimacy in hiking conditions.

You can start with some light hiking foreplay in the form of checking each other for ticks – if your area is infested with these pests – or a relaxing massage.

  1. Classic style
    The most familiar and popular position in the world, including the world of biking, hiking, and boating. It works perfectly in even the tightest and lowest of tents. You can add a little hiking element by putting an unpacked sleeping bag, a rolled-up hiking pad, or a bag of clothes under the lady’s butt. When doing this, you can put the lady’s legs on the man’s shoulders if the height of the tent allows.
    The missionary position is great because you can have intercourse without leaving your sleeping bag. The main thing is not to let sweat and other secretions soak into the bag.
  2. Doggy style
    Doggie pose is a classic for locking legs. Just like the female rider position, the choice depends on the height of the dwelling. If the tent allows a man to possess his woman in her heyday, that’s a good thing. But it’s also great in doggy style when the woman lies on her stomach and the man lies on top of her. This style can add to the romantic disposition by opening the entrance to the tent – if there are insects outside, do not open the mosquito net. Contemplation of the natural landscape is no less rewarding for intimacy.
    To avoid bruising and rubbing your knees, throw something soft on the mat: thermal underwear, wool sweaters, or other closet items without hard parts on the edges.
  3. 69 Posture
    You don’t have to neglect foreplay when camping. Especially if a shower is possible. 69 position is quite compact and suitable for sex in any size tent.
  4. Spooning position
    Another ideal position for comfortable, warm, and stress-free sex is a sleeping bag. For example, when it’s cold and you don’t want to get out of your sleeping bag. Lie on your side, snuggle up to each other, and that’s it.
  5. Love cradle
    This position is for those who are tired after a long day of walking and have little energy for sex but still want affection and tenderness. Lie face to face, put your arms and legs around each other, and move gently, with little amplitude. The main thing is not to fall asleep in this position.
  6. Knight
    The lady’s range of motion depends on the height of the tent and the general tent space. In a tall hemispherical or half-bowl tent, a lady can sit on her lover and move freely, while in a tent 40 inches (1 meter) high or lower, she will have to lean and snuggle on her lover’s chest.
    It is comfortable to saddle someone in a tent, either facing or with his back to him.

Sexual Nature

Why confine yourself to a tent when nature itself gives us some great ideas and locations for fun sex? All you have to do is use your imagination and don’t be shy about your erotic ideas. But be careful, because there are some risks, such as the possibility of catching ticks – especially since these little pests like soft, hard-to-reach places – or getting stuck with cones or knots.

Here are options for having outdoor sex outside the tent space

  1. Doggy style with a tree. A tree is a great fulcrum for a girl, and the angle and deflection can be adjusted. Other natural objects can also be used instead of trees: stumps, rocks, boulders, etc.
  2. Sex on rocks. The author doesn’t like climbing, so he can’t tell you the secrets of memorable sex in the tether system. But for those who want to watch the intimacy of climbers in action, there is a video on the Internet in the “18+ movie” section. It’s easy to find on Google.
  3. Sex on the beach. Intimate contact with the rustle of the surf on the beach (on a hiking mat) is quite romantic. It is best to choose a position where the girl is on top. Otherwise, the sand in the genitals of women is inevitable.
  4. Sexual activity in a body of water. Sex in natural bodies of water should probably be avoided because the water in oceans, lakes, and rivers is not the most friendly environment for women’s intestines. Warm waterfalls are an exception.

It’s best not to be tempted to have sex on grass, even if it looks like a gorgeous carpet designed specifically for lovemaking. And be careful with insect repellents: avoid getting them on your genitals.


Camping sex is an unforgettable experience. In a tent or outside, in the rain or in the heat, in the woods or on top of a mountain – new and amazing emotions are guaranteed.

The author wishes you many more wonderful moments of love and passion in the mountains under countless starlight. Let’s have camping sex and much more!

LCN Independent Travel Workers – Solo hikers, hiking instructors, hitchhikers, skiers, trail runners, dark tourism enthusiasts (abandoned military, industrial, and other historical sites). Travel and hiking experience: from the US to Europe, South America.

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