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The 8 Things To Help You Sleep Comfortably In Nature

The 8 Things To Help You Sleep Comfortably In Nature
The 8 Things To Help You Sleep Comfortably In Nature

In the woods or the countryside, camping or hiking – anywhere you want to sleep comfortably. If you think lying on a hard foam pad with your hands under your head and the sounds of wildlife only make you happy during the day, then check out this selection. We didn’t list the obvious things, like sleeping bags and mats, but added other useful outdoor outcomes. You will learn more about The 8 Things To Help You Sleep Comfortably In Nature by LCN Outdoors article.


Not a simple one, but a travel pillow – one that inflates or self-inflates. They are compact in the package, large in size when unfolded, much more comfortable than collar mats, and as comfortable as domestic collar mats. In addition, they are very plain in use. For example, pillows from well-known brands are filled with elastic foam that folds in on itself within minutes, does not flatten over time, and does not accumulate moisture.

Dry Bags Or Compression Bags

A small airbag with a capacity of 4-7 gals (15-26 liters) is a good alternative to a pillow. For short-term rest, it can simply be filled with air, but for long-term sleep, it’s best to stuff it with clothing – wool, down, and anything else you don’t need at night. To make your head more comfortable, you can make a simple “pillowcase” – a T-shirt or wool sweater wrapped in a Ziploc bag. The same goes for a zip-lock bag containing a sleeping bag or clothes, the only difference being that you can’t inflate it, only stuff it with something soft. Simple cushions made of ziplock bags are very comfortable when resting.

Sleeping Bag Insert

Keep your sleeping bag clean, insulated, and comfortable. Sleeping bags do not need to be cleaned at all, as long as they are used regularly. Cotton or fleece models of sleeping bags are very warm to the touch, unlike the inner fabric of some sleeping bags that are so slippery, so they are comfortable even when sleeping in underwear. In addition, the padding can improve the sleeping bag’s comfortable temperature, and fleece ones can even be used alone in hot weather.

Sleeping Bag Insert - help you sleep
Sleeping Bag Insert – help you sleep


From daytime naps in the countryside to a full night of camping or hiking, hammocks add a special touch to your outdoor recreation. You can sleep in it under the stars, not just on a hot night. Add a layer of insulation and a specially fitted pad and sleeping bag to keep your hammock warm and comfortable. Don’t forget the mosquito net so that no one will disturb your sleep. Some hammocks include them as part of a package, others can be purchased separately.

Our expert Roy Sisson is the main lightweight of the team and a fan of hammocks, with whom they do full-scale hikes. Watch his lectures and see how comfortable it is.


It may look small, but without it, you may not get a good night’s sleep. The sounds of the forest at night, your neighbor’s snoring, the sound of a mountain river – all of these things often keep you from sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night. Earplugs are a real savior for sensitive hearing. The higher the decibel (dB) absorption rate, the better. For example, earplugs with a noise decibel value of 35 dB can do a good job of drowning out the sounds of nature, except for the sound of your neighbor snoring in your ear. Keep them in the inner pocket of your sleeping bag or in your makeup bag to make sure you don’t lose them.

A Blanket – help you sleep

Not a heavy household blanket, of course, but a sports blanket – lightweight and compact, designed specifically for travel. Unlike sleeping bags, these blankets can also be used in everyday life: at country houses or in the countryside, in hotels, on road trips, and at open-air music festivals.

Lightweight and comfortable blankets are available from well-known brand names. They are down and synthetic and weigh only 500 grams – just like a carpet, only warmer and more compact. They come with a storage bag, which also doubles as a pillowcase if you want to turn your duvet into a pillow.

Fitted Sheets

The exterior material of the pad isn’t always comfortable to the touch – it can be smooth and slippery, especially in the inflatable, ultralight version. If you don’t have a sleeping bag in hot weather and just sleep under a plaid or blanket, it may not be very comfortable.

Stretch sheets add to the comfort level. You can also use regular sheets, but elastic sheets are easy to install and don’t slip off. And well-known brand names have double sheets that connect two inflatable pads into one large sleeping space – very convenient for families.

Feather Socks – help you sleep

Wool socks are a great alternative to wool socks, only warmer and more comfortable. They keep your tired legs warm, they’re comfortable to sleep in, they don’t get squished or in your way, and they’re lightweight. The main thing is not to forget that your feet aren’t wearing shoes, and don’t wear them out – the material on the outside is thin and can easily tear on rocks or bumps.

There are some socks that have extra external moisture-wicking covers and insoles that you can wear briefly during the night. There are also models with soles that are reinforced with durable materials. Down socks will keep your feet warm even when you are outdoors.

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