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LCN OutdoorsTravelTravel TipsTop 10 Inconspicuous Hiking and Traveling Accessories

Top 10 Inconspicuous Hiking and Traveling Accessories

Top 10 Inconspicuous Hiking and Traveling Accessories
Top 10 Inconspicuous Hiking and Traveling Accessories

Today, these stores have the widest selection of equipment for outdoor activities. Because of this, much of what is useful for hiking and travel disappears from the tourist’s sight. We ourselves often don’t suspect the need for such things until we see it for ourselves. So we’ve selected 10 non-obvious items that will undoubtedly come in handy when hiking and traveling. Of course, some of these have long been firmly entrenched in the backpacks of seasoned hikers, but we’ve included them in a list aimed specifically at beginners and those who don’t really follow the equipment industry. You will learn more about the Top 10 inconspicuous hiking and traveling Accessories in the LCN Outdoors article.

Microfiber Towels

For the same size, microfiber towels are superior to regular towels in every way. They are more compact, lighter in weight, absorb more moisture and dry faster. All of this makes them indispensable for hiking, business trips, travel, country houses, and beach trips. On tourist routes, even when the sun isn’t shining and the weather is bad, microfiber towels don’t drag on your shoulders and dry quickly. And they take up almost no space in your luggage when traveling, freeing up space for other things.

Tips: Let me remind you that towels are a must for any intergalactic traveler! At least that’s what the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says.

Ultra-Compact Backpack

One of the most useful things for travel, tourism, and everyday use is ultra-compact backpacks. Their main feature is their “ability” to fold into a very compact size. When packed, they are the size of an ordinary pack of napkins or large orange. The backpacks are sewn from thin, durable fabric, so they can easily withstand a wearable weight of 11-15 lbs (5-7 kg). We demonstrate the capabilities of such backpacks in this video using the Sea-to-Summit model as an example.

Ultra-compact backpacks have many applications.

  1. When hiking with them, you can walk shorter radial routes from the base camp. They take up little space in the main backpack and do not add much weight, as most models do not weigh more than 200 grams.
  2. With such backpacks, shopping is easy and you don’t have to carry disposable plastic bags. Backpacks are stronger and more comfortable to carry: your hands are free and the straps don’t reach into your fingers.
  3. Go to the beach. The backpack fits into any beach bag, and then you can fold up the wet linen and towels to keep them separate from your dry clothes.
  4. As an “emergency” backpack in case of emergency. For example, when it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon, you can take such a backpack out of your pocket, spread it out, and put warm clothes in it.


Climbers and experienced climbers rarely walk on routes without leggings, which is not true for many climbers who take relatively easy routes. Also, leggings have the benefit of facing the ocean! They reduce the risk of getting your feet wet, cover the top of your boots and the bottom of your pants from dirt, and also keep snow, small debris, and dirt out of your shoes.

Eyeglass Lines

Losing your sunglasses on the road is both pathetic and dangerous, as they cost a lot of money and your eyes may not be properly protected from the hot mountain sun. Simple eyeglass laces will preclude this development. Sure, sometimes you’ll clutch yourself and realize you’re not wearing your glasses, but you’ll immediately find them hanging around your neck or shifting to your forehead. I tested it myself! In addition to hikers and climbers, we recommend glasses laces to all those who like active recreation on the water (kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, and yachties), because glasses can be washed away immediately by waves or falling into the water.

Reusable Rope

Seemingly simple in appearance, these reusable clips are high-quality, moderately flexible wire wrapped in soft, non-slip rubber. But these reusable clips have many uses. You’re only limited by your own ingenuity. They can be used to keep wires and gear in place, secure gear to your bike or backpack, secure tarps, close bulk food bags, hang gear, and more. Whether you’re camping, at home, or on the move. All clips are reusable, non-slip, scratch-free, and stain-free.

All of This Makes Them Indispensable for Hiking
All of This Makes Them Indispensable for Hiking

Air Travel Bottles and Containers

Airlines have strict rules about carrying liquids on board. Liquids, aerosols, and gels are permitted in hand luggage up to a volume of 100 ml each. Also, they must be packed in a sealed transparent plastic bag with a volume of no more than 0.26 gals (1 liter) per person. Of course, such norms led to the emergence of small bottles and clear travel bags from companies specializing in the production of luggage accessories.

For example, LCN uses compact silicone bottles to make kits. You can pour shampoo, shower gel, or just water in them. The bottles are light and flexible, making it easier to squeeze out product residue and come with leak-proof dispenser caps. Two sets were produced. The first meets the most stringent air carrier standards: 4 bottles, 300 ml total volume, in a resealable ziplock bag. There is still enough room inside for a toothbrush and a small tube of cream or toothpaste. The package is transparent and easy to present at the security checkpoint. This way her staff has fewer problems with the amount of printing that goes into each container (including the package). The second set consists of a pair of 100 ml bottles, perfect for visitors.

Only a few brands depart from the usual design. Instead of bottles, they have miniature wine bags with a volume of 100 ml. Being empty, they take up almost no space because they are flat. They weigh 5 times less than silicone bottles – 11.5 grams instead of 56 grams, even though they are made of indestructible fabric.

Aside from air travel, such miniature containers are essential for hiking – why not carry around large bottles of shampoo, cream, and cleanser?


Another versatile accessory from LCN for hiking, travel, and everyday use is the Weightless Shoe Case. During hiking, in which you can carry camping or suitable shoes in the city – gym sneakers when traveling and on business trips – a pair of replaceable shoes that must be separated from the rest of your luggage.

The cover is made of silicone fabric, which does not get wet, and is not afraid of machine washing. The material is slippery, so the bag is easy to pull out of the guts of your backpack or suitcase, you just need to pull on the sewn-on sling.

The second version of the LCN shoe bag is semi-rigid, with dense sidewalls and a “suitcase” opening. It’s easier to pack, but it’s heavy and takes up more space. You can’t take it on a hike, but take a bag or suitcase with wheels – that’s it!

Rack Carabiner (hiking buckle)

Sooner or later, every camper will notice that the tent tends to sag a little before or when it rains. This is partly due to the fabric getting wet and partly due to the straps losing tension when wet. This usually results in having to fiddle with knots to adjust the tension or start hammering pegs to re-stretch the tent in bad weather. You can save yourself the trouble and “pump up” your tent or canopy with Nite Ize carabiners. The straps on one side attach to the tent’s eyelets, and the other side has a pulley mechanism that allows you to tighten the tent as needed in one fell swoop. Depending on the size of the CamJam, the diameter of the drawstring can range from 1.8 to 5 mm.

Zipper’s Puller

Let’s not be guilty – even with good tents and backpacks, manufacturers sometimes forget the convenience of using zippers – their cords and pulls are hard to use when wearing gloves and mittens. You can refine the pulls yourself or choose a grippy, attractive, lightweight zipper pull from us.

Their lighted versions from MSR deserve special attention because they are easy to find in a dark tent. Also very useful are the miniature LED markers that can be hung on runners in the tent. They have a bright LED in a durable, waterproof plastic housing. Just one is all you need to light up your tent at night without disturbing your comrades. And around town, you can clip it to your jacket or backpack for a night jog or bike ride.

When you have to pee in the middle of the night, the glow-in-the-dark pull tabs will save you valuable time!

Tear-Aid Patches

Many hikers neglect to put together a repair kit before they leave. Often, to save weight, they don’t bring one at all, and if they do, it’s a roll of duct tape, a needle and thread, and a multi-tool. If you recognize yourself, it’s definitely worth adding the self-adhesive Tear Aid patches to that list. They can be used to quickly and reliably repair almost any cut or puncture on clothing and gear. They are water and airtight, flexible, and UV-resistant. Since they are also clear, repairs often go unnoticed. Don’t be confused – Tear-Aid Type B is for vinyl and PVC, Tear Aid Type A is for everything else: nylon, leather, rubber, neoprene, polyethylene, polyester, etc.

In this overview, we’ve only highlighted a small portion of the curiosities in our range. Take a closer look at our LCN online store and we are sure you will come across a useful accessory that you will enjoy giving to yourself or a friend. See you on the mountain!

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